4Good Program

What is the 4Good South Africa Program?

The aim of the 4Good Program South Africa is to promote the development of women innovators in developing countries to support innovations that are developed by women and for women. This is achieved by providing women innovators in South Africa with access to the knowledge, skills, and expertise that they need.

Why is it needed?

In a notably male-dominated entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa, the 4Good Program is designed to help female innovators in developing countries to grow, sustain, and scale their businesses. The program is a bespoke 12-month intervention geared to accelerate women-owned businesses by giving them the necessary tools to shift their businesses from “survive” to “thrive and flourish”.


What are the benefits?

The program instills confidence, conviction, tenacity, plan and overall professional acumen in participants, to take their business and scale it into a market leader.

Designed to upskill and promote more women innovators, the program offers a powerful platform for women-owned businesses to become more marketable.

4Good alumni complete the program having acquired the maturity and business sophistication needed to interact effectively with potential investors, high-level business advisors, and top executives. They will also have a better understanding of tech and digital, enabling them to develop ways to disrupt local markets using innovation and strategy.

Leadership is a critical component in the program that will build confidence, abilities as a leader, and courage to challenge current obstacles and demystify the gender disparity.