As part of the UN Women’s strategy to make innovation and technology work better for women and to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment, UN Women’s GICC has launched the She Innovates Chapter program. To support local women innovators through targeted community based initiatives, individuals can apply to create a chapter in their local community.


Aims of the She Innovates Chapters



Championing the work of the GICC and leveraging their work in local communities


Identifying the local challenges and focus on initiatives that address these barriers


Implement targeted programs that meet the needs of local women innovators


Document success stories and local impact


Scale initiatives that work in partnership with local community organizations


Launch of the Pilot Chapter


She Innovates Alberta Chapter will be the first Canadian Chapter and a pilot for the GICC, celebrating and inspiring women innovators and entrepreneurs in Alberta. The project will be documented and shared with the GICC and UN Women so that the learnings can be adapted for other regions globally.


What we do

  • Profile women innovators, board members, and senior executives to provide visibility and inspiration to others

  • Educate and support women on their journey to success

  • Provide advice on navigating the journey to success with appropriate tools, resources and support.

Who does the chapter support

  • Successful women at a senior level in their careers (20+ years’ experience)

  • Women starting their careers and looking to innovate/grow (>20 years’ experience)

  • Men who run companies and boards and/or support women’s success


Benefits of the chapter

Profiling women who have succeeded in business, whether on their own as entrepreneurs, or as senior executives or board members is the gateway to drawing women in to any resources or education available. These inspiring profiles, pushed out through various channels and formats, should demonstrate that innovation is not only possible, it’s happening and it’s commercially viable.

Initial ideas include:

  • Providing positive examples of women leading in business, spotlighting and celebrating capable and innovative women who could be considered for boards, leadership in the business community or other entrepreneurial sectors

  • Showcasing the commercial value of businesses run by women and their value to the economy in Alberta.



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