Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC)?

The GICC is a dynamic partnership between UN Women and key representatives from the private sector, academia and nonprofit institutions focused on developing the innovation market to work better for women and to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

What are the gender innovation principles?

The principles will help your organization to apply a gender responsive approach to innovation. The principles can be applied in all organizations to some degree. The innovation process may be directed at developing goods and services for an external market or may be as simply as improving the way work gets done in an organization.

The principles are:

  1. Make a high-level corporate commitment to adopt a gender responsive approach to innovation

  2. Design innovation that include women as end users

  3. Adopt an adaptive approach to implementation to ensure innovations are gender responsive and meet the needs of women

  4. Evaluate the gender responsive impact by using a data driven approach

  5. Scale innovations that provide sustainable solutions to meet the needs of women and girls

How can my company/organization apply the principles?

You can start by signing the Principles. In signing the Principles, participating organizations agree to adopt and implement them in support of UN Women’s and the Global Innovation Coalition for Change’s commitment to make innovation and technology work for women and girls. You can sign up for the principles at the GICC website:

What happens after I’ve signed the principles?

By signing the principles, you are making a commitment for your organization to start the journey in adopting the GICC Gender Innovation Principles. After signing, we will continue to support you in your adoption process with access to a self-assessment tool, resources and best practices.

What is the She Innovates Global Program?

The She Innovates Global Program is created by UN Women and Global Innovation Coalition for Change. The program helps female innovators and entrepreneurs to defy gender barriers and turn their women-centered solutions into reality. The program consists of various elements such ass events and meet ups, local chapters, mentoring program and She Innovates labs.

What is a She Innovates Meet up?

A She Innovates Meet up is a place where women entrepreneurs and innovators can share ideas, experiences and support each other to overcome the barriers for women in innovation in their local communities. Meet ups usually take the form of a panel discussion on women in innovation related subjects, followed by networking and mingling.

Who can participate in a Meet up?

Any women or men who are interested in and supporters of women in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology can join a She Innovates Meet up.

Can I host a Meet up in my local community?

Yes, you can! Please see the guides section for more details on how to.

What is a She Innovates Local Chapter?

The first step to changing the world is inspiring the local community around you. The She Innovates Chapter program gives women the fuel they need to overcome regional barriers and make massive local impact.

Where can I find a She Innovates Local Chapter?

Alberta is launching Canada’s first She Innovates regional chapter pilot in 2019. If you are interested in starting a chapter please view the guides section for more details.

What is the She Innovates Mentoring Program?

The mentoring program connects women innovators with mentors who can support and provide advice through the Led By Hear online platform.

What is the She Innovates Award?

Teams with innovative solutions that meet the needs of women and girls can apply for any of MIT Solve’s four challenges. Contestants are eligible for the award, which is a grant funding of $25,000 or more. Please view the guides section for more details.

What is a She Innovates Lab?

The labs are one-day events that connect private sector expertise with local women innovators to provide women with the support, expertise and collaboration needed to scale their innovations. Please view the guides section for more details.

What is the 4Good Program?

The program promotes women innovators in South Africa and gives them access to the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to grow, sustain and scale their business. If you are interested in getting involved please contact us.