The aim of She Innovates Labs is to connect private sector expertise with local women innovators providing women with the support, expertise and collaboration needed to scale their innovations. It’s a win-win scenario where companies get access to talented women innovators while innovators get a chance to test their ideas and collaborate on solutions with industry leaders. Labs are generally a one day event and are created in partnership with UN Women’s Innovation Unit.

"We've already seen the power girls have to utilize STEM solutions to create real change in their communities."

-Girl Up Co-Executive Director Anna Blue



girl hero lab

Girl Up’s STEM for Social Good programming utilizes an innovative and unique approach to closing the gender gap in STEM, reaching our diverse network of girl leaders around the world. Through STEM for Social Good, we use our expertise in leadership development to inspire teen girls and help them understand how STEM skills and social impact solutions can help tackle gender equality issues worldwide. A key component to our approach to STEM is convening girls at Girl Up Solution Labs.



she innovates university lab

UN Women is committed to ensuring that women innovators and entrepreneurs are supported in developing solutions that enlarge their own opportunities and meet our collective global development goals. Innovation for UN Women, is outcome focused and driven by the imperative to accelerate progress towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. Our purpose is to support the broader innovation ecosystem with designing inclusive gender responsive solutions. 



she innovates lab for women innovators

Innovation starts from within. The first step for women innovators to succeed is to step beyond their own limiting mindset or views they think the public has of them. According to numerous recent studies, the best way to eliminate the gender gap and increase women’s performance and self-confidence is to provide them with strong female role models. Through professional guidance and inspiration by the UN Women Champions of Innovation, women innovators will learn to tell and realize their own innovation story and create a tangible path to success.


"It's important for girls to have the opportunity and space to fully engage in science and technology to bridge the gender divide in those fields."

Girl Up Co-Executive Director Melissa Kilby

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