She Innovates Global


Our Mission

Forged by UN Women’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change in March 2019, the She Innovates Global program was made with a powerful concept at its core: that the best way for women to rise above gender stereotypes and fight for equality is together. By providing access to state-of-the-art development tools, programs that inspire and connect, mentorships that kindle the spirit of innovation, and resources that take projects to the next level, She Innovates Global stands as a champion for the empowerment of women across the globe.

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What we do

In a world where women work at a staggering disadvantage to men, our program helps level the playing field, providing the tools, opportunities and inspiration that female innovators and entrepreneurs need to cut through adversity and succeed. Through events, meetups, hands-on Labs, special programs for women in developing countries, and international Chapters, our program nurtures the development of innovations made by women, for women.



Women make up only 12% of engineering students in the US.

-World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2016


why we do it

Every day our planet’s future is being shaped by strides made within the innovation, technology and scientific communities. With gender bias and inequality preventing women from playing an active role in these critical fields, our program’s goal is to amplify women’s ideas across the globe, and ensure that the future being built is one that will benefit men and women alike.


Program Elements


Mentoring Program

The She Innovates Mentor program, in partnership with Led by Her, helps women innovators and industry leaders create powerful partnerships.

Meet Ups & Events

Attend a meet up or local event and get inspired by thousands of fellow innovators and entrepreneurs.


Created in partnership with UN Women’s Innovation Unit, Labs connect local women innovators with private sector expertise. These win-win events give companies access to talented female innovators while innovators get a chance to test their ideas and collaborate on solutions with seasoned industry leaders.


The first step to changing the world is inspiring the local community around you. The She Innovates Chapter program gives women the fuel they need to overcome regional barriers and make massive local impact. Find a local Chapter or apply to create one in your area.

4Good Program

The road to success is even more challenging for women living in developing nations. The 4Good Program aims to make that path to victory a little less bumpy by providing women innovators with invigorating bootcamps, tailored program development and implementation, impact assessment, and expert help with scaling.

Solve Prize

In a world fraught with problems, Solve, an initiative of MIT, aims to advance transformative solutions from tech entrepreneurs to the world’s most pressing issues. With UN Women GICC as a new partner, women innovators have found a powerful platform to develop and scale truly world-changing solutions. Learn more about the #sheinnovates award.

GICC Principles

As a key part of its mission, UN Women and the GICC created the Gender Innovation Principles, a set of standards that offer organizations the guidance they need to adopt a gender responsive approach to innovation within their company. Is your organization ensuring that women play a key role at every phase of innovation? Learn how your organization can join the movement and adopt the GICC Principles.