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Women succeed when empowered. We empower you to find and define your strengths.

Rooted by our business-focused editorial content, She Innovates Global is designed for women like you — business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. Our woman-owned media company has evolved over 10 years from powerful content focused on leadership advancement to now leveraging additional empowerment programs for all professional women in the workplace.

Recognized as a leading, multi-platform professional and executive leadership development enterprise that advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion, our nationally-recognized portfolio is comprised of three-core areas: Publications, Leadership Development Academy Workshops, and National Conferences.

Built upon shared-experiences, our She Innovates Global’s business womens’ network and membership directory provide a forum for established and aspiring women in leadership roles, including mobility of all women and marginalized professionals. We work to empower you as a leader to achieve your career goals through real-world experiences with sage advice, information, and mentorship.

Editorial Staff

Editor In Chief:  Gina Sanford

Design Director:  Cheryl Holbrook

Managing Editor:  Marion Davis

Copy Editor:  Mary Milburn

Proofreader:  Twila Stacy

Assistant Editor:  Martha Ross

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Join a network of career-oriented women and use the member directory to see all the members in your community and find world class mentors. Access exclusive leadership development packages to help you achieve your career goals. Work With Coaches. Take Career Development Courses, and much more.


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