My Exciting Journey from Mumbai to Europe

Hi, guys! I’m Vijay Mehriya, and let me tell you a bit about myself. After graduating with a master’s degree in economics and development, I embarked on an extraordinary journey that took me from the bustling city of Mumbai to the enchanting landscapes of Europe.
Along this path, I discovered my passion for travel blogging while also assisting fellow Indians in settling down seamlessly in different countries.

Education at ATLAS SkillTech University

As a young student eager to explore new horizons, I enrolled at ATLAS SkillTech University, located in the heart of Mumbai. The university not only provided me with a solid foundation in information technology but also honed my skills as an economist specializing in development studies.
Through rigorous coursework and engaging extracurricular activities, I gained knowledge about global economies and their interplay with technological advancements.

Master’s Degree from The University of Mumbai

I also pursued a master’s degree program at The University of Mumbai – renowned for its excellence across various disciplines. Focusing on IT specialization within economics and development studies allowed me to delve deeper into how digital innovation can empower nations economically.

Moving Across Continents

After obtaining my degrees back home, destiny called out to me beyond familiar borders. Driven by curiosity and armed with determination, I decided it was time for a change; thus began my expedition toward uncharted territories abroad.

Discovering My Passion: Travel Blogging

Europe welcomed me warmly as if sensing that it held something special destined just for me! As days turned into weeks exploring picturesque towns steeped in history or vibrant cities pulsating with life, inspiration struck like lightning – why not share these incredible experiences through a blog? Thus began my journey as a travel blogger!

Helping Fellow Indians Settle Abroad

Living overseas opened doors not only for personal growth but also presented opportunities where others could benefit too – especially fellow compatriots seeking to settle in foreign lands. Realizing the challenges faced by Indians relocating abroad, I decided to assist them by providing useful information and guidance through my blog.

Guiding Indians Towards a Successful Settlement

Through helpful content shared on my blog, I aimed to make the transition smoother for those venturing into new territories. From visa processes and accommodation options to cultural nuances and job prospects, I strived to equip Indian expatriates with essential knowledge that would enable them to thrive in their adopted countries.

A Community United

Over time, my travel blog gained popularity among aspiring travelers seeking advice related not just to Europe but to other continents as well.
The sense of community fostered within this virtual space was heartwarming; readers began connecting with each other and sharing their own experiences while supporting one another during various stages of settling abroad.
Looking Ahead
As I reflect upon my journey from Mumbai’s educational institutions towards being a popular travel blogger helping fellow Indians settle overseas, feelings of gratitude overwhelm me. Each step has been filled with valuable lessons learned – about diverse cultures embraced along the way or individual stories intertwined through shared dreams.
With an unwavering spirit fueled by empathy for others embarking on similar paths away from home soil, I am excitedly looking forward to continuing this incredible voyage alongside those who seek adventure beyond borders!

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