How to Use Wise Debit Card When You Are Abroad

If you are looking for a nice card for traveling, smoothly spend internationally with the Wise travel card. You can transact and withdraw from over 150 countries and hold more than 40 different currencies without any additional charges. It is possible to start converting your currency at a low cost of only 0.42% in mid-market exchange rate.

Effortlessly manage your account with the Wise app, which has easy top-up modes and instant alerts. A good thing is that you can activate it while you are still in the United States so that you can be able to use it abroad stress-free. It is also compatible with mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, thus making your payments on the go easier. Let’s learn more about a Wise card for travel: our Wise debit card review will tell you everything you need to know.

Wise Card: Using It Overseas

We’d like to start our Wise debit card review with a quick overview. Just as you use your regular Wise debit card in the US, utilize your Wise card for spending and withdrawals overseas. Payments are quick and convenient as well because they have contactless features and support for mobile wallets. Also, enjoy fee-less spending of whichever currency you have automatically converted at low rates, just beginning from 0.42%. Features include:

  1. Holding over 40 currencies for free usage.
  2. Purchasing items in more than 150 states.
  3. Free withdrawals below $100 monthly.
  4. Transaction notifications are instantly sent, and cards are managed via an app from Wise.
  5. Different ways to top-up an account at a lower price.

Benefits of A Wise Card During International Travels


  • Money can be spent across 150+ countries.
  • Low-cost currency exchanges that come with transparent fees.
  • Sending money to +160 countries.
  • It works perfectly with Google or Apple Pay.
  • It is a reliable provider trusted by millions worldwide.


  • A charge of $9 is imposed when ordering a card.
  • ATM charges apply after free withdrawal per month ends.
  • There is no physical branch network, as all customers’ orders go through online platforms or Wise applications.

The Mechanics Behind the Wise Travel Card

The Wise card for travel offers convenience to users through its multi-currency feature, which enables them to make international business transactions. You can convert the funds in your Wise account to pay for your bills globally by funding it with dollars or your preferred currency at extremely low fees and using mid-market rates.

Spending and Withdrawing Using Wise Cards

Conducting transactions and online purchases from global stores is seamless with a Wise international debit card that spans over 150 countries. Further information on spending and withdrawals will be provided, looking into the associated fees and limits related to Wise accounts as well as cards.

Currency Use Is Automatic When The Wise Card Is Used

Do you wonder how currency transactions are managed by the Wise card? When making a purchase, the Wise debit card debits money from your account’s corresponding currency balance only when available. On the other hand, if there is not enough balance, it automatically converts money from another currency balance that has less charges, thus ensuring you get more out of the transaction.

Wise Travel Card-Superb Flexibility

It’s true that versatility is best defined by no other than a multi-currency solution like that of Wise travel card. It offers support for 40+ currencies that include major ones as well as those not so commonly used by people around the globe. In-person shopping, internet payments or cash outs across 160+ countries; all these activities would run smoothly thanks to this card.

Target Audience

Of course, our Wise card review would not be full without mentioning the target audience. The Wise card is designed for both individuals and businesses, giving a completely digital experience that can be accessed through the web or the simple Wise app. It serves a wide variety of users, such as:

  1. Travelers who keep visiting over 150 countries.
  2. People, including entrepreneurs and business persons, don’t want to struggle with money exchange again.
  3. Individuals who convert their USD to destination currency before traveling to facilitate budgeting protocols.
  4. People with overseas earnings or mortgage payments.
  5. Business owners who offer travel solutions for team members or funding foreign expenses.
  6. Online shoppers dealing with online payments worldwide.
  7. Those in need of comprehensive account management tools either online or an app.

Understanding Foreign Transactions with the Wise Card

No foreign transaction fees are charged when using a Wise card for international transactions. Also it is possible to use any currency within your account without any extra charges incurred on you.

Smart Conversion Technology

The card has also put smart conversion technology into place thus, even if there isn’t enough balance in that particular currency or else enough balance for a given transaction, it will still go ahead and do it by making swaps between currencies at the best rate available which is usually mid-market exchange rate hence charging you that amount accordingly.

This ensures that your transactions have the highest value since you will be charged as little as 0.42% as a conversion Wise debit card fee only.

Transparent Currency Exchange

Wise offers a transparent Wise debit card fee structure beginning from 0.42% and operates on mid-market exchange rates while doing its currency conversions. Exchange rates can be viewed through Wise apps before changing currencies. Once you have your desired currency in your accounts, no more foreign transaction fees are charged by Wise.

Adaptive Spending Behavior

In spite of not having cash associated with a particular denomination, one can still make use of his/her Wise digital card to perform transactions. In this case, the card automatically opts for the most favorable amount for change in currencies where necessary.

This ensures the lowest possible charge to you in terms of fee since there is no need for you to convert them into dollars before your international business.

Examples of Wise Auto-Conversion

A good example of how Wise’s auto-convert feature works is presented below:

  1. If you have 200 euros in your account and spend 100 euros, your transaction is done out of the euro balance with no extra charge imposed.
  2. In case there is a purchase of 100 euros without any euro balance, the Wise digital card converts it from other balances applying a conversion fee ranging from 0.42 percent.
  3. If you have got fifty Euros and you make a purchase worth one hundred Euros, then the first fifty Euros will be taken off without any charges while the rest will be converted using the available balances at different variable conversion fees beginning from 0.42%.

This makes sure that its users have access to easy and cost-effective international transactions due to its intuitive currency management approach as well as clear fee structures.

Obtaining a Wise Travel Card

Acquiring a Wise travel card can be done either online or via an easy user interface on the Wise app, which begins by opening a Wise account. Use your email address, Facebook, Apple, or Google ID to register for an account with Wise. Once verified, begin by loading money into your Wise account in dollars or any other one of the twenty supported currencies.

Document Requirements

During this stage of setting up an account, some documents may need to be uploaded for purposes of verification. This ensures the security of your account and compliance with relevant laws. Don’t panic; all this process can be done comfortably with your smartphone. You’ll usually require these:

You’ll typically need these once authorized:

  1. Proofs (e.g., passport): Fill in proof IDs like passports, driver’s licenses, and utility bills.
  2. Your SSN or ITIN, when required.


  1. Open up a Wise account: Sign up with preferred credentials either online or through the app for a Wise account.
  2. Verify your identity: To verify accounts like passports and addresses, documents are needed.
  3. Order your Wise international debit card: With a one-time payment of $9, you can now order the Wise card via the app after verification of identity.
  4. Top up your account: Add funds to your account by using different methods such as ACH, Wire transfer, Debit or Credit cards.
  5. Activate your card: Activate your card by entering the 6-digit code provided on the Wise platform once you receive it.
  6. Open currency balances: In order to have smooth transactions while abroad, open balances for the countries where you are planning to travel within their respective national currencies.

Adding Funds to Your Wise Card

Before being able to start spending or withdrawing from your multi-currency Wise account using your Wise money card you need to transfer the funds. Luckily for us all these steps can be carried out right from our smartphone through a number of simple top-up options offered by Wise which also include low cost and fast ones and multiple currencies as well.

ACH is another popular method used to top up one’s Wise account. Relatively speaking, ACH and wire transfers are cheaper compared with other cards like credit cards, although they attract higher fees respectively.

Countries Where Wise Card is Limited

The usage of the Wise money card is not universal as it is restricted in some countries because of international sanctions and logistical limitations. These countries include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Burundi
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Cuba
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Russian Federation
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

Please note that availability changes from time to time so check the updated list of supported countries if you have doubts about your destination’s Wise card usability before travel.
Hopefully, our Wise card review was helpful for you. Stay abreast of hassle-free financial transactions during your tour abroad.


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