Navigate Through the Cheapest Ways to Send Money Internationally in 2023

The era of physical contact where anyone shared something material from hand to hand dramatically expired. Any penny or dollar is sent via post offices in the form of paper banknotes. It is high time for digital-friendly and fast operations to any corner of our planet. Even if you work abroad and would like to support your family financially, there is no need to travel long distances to hand over all the earnings. For this purpose, Internet-based remittances available worldwide are used.

Today it is quite easy to manage your finance online without any personal presence in the office of the banking institution. An exceptionally in-demand financial operation undertaken unstoppably and continuously today is money-sending activity.

Every willing person might transfer funds internationally or locally to support their relatives financially, grant any sum remitted as a gift to friends, order some goods, food, entertainment, book a suit, rent transportation, etc. But some clients are still afraid to try sending money. These doubts occur because of diverse issues like scammers, enormous charges, and many more reasons.

To avoid risks to your savings and make exceptionally safe remittances, it is better to explore the best ways to send money overseas or on the territory of a single country. Thereby expenses presented in the form of obligatory charges are cut down. Take a closer look at step-by-step guidance for the cheapest money transfer background.

2 Main Remittance Approaches to Differentiate Between

Keep in mind two well-known types of money transfers – international & local. Ladies and gentlemen of legal age could try remitting their funding assets within one country or globally. An almost unlimited range of payment methods can be applied for both cases.

A typical local remitting operation is about the process when a client uses a bank account for sharing a specified amount with a certain recipient (a resident of the same country) through local financial institutions. Meanwhile, if you transfer funds internationally, SWIFT remitting sessions and other alternative approaches can be used through partnering financial firms.

Note that cross-border fees can make this procedure quite expensive for a sender. To skip any challenges in the context of overpaying sums for international remittances, it is better to discover all the hacks for confident finance-sharing backgrounds.

Introductory Guidance: How to Send Money Internationally?

Two basic aspects that matter when you send money overseas to relatives, friends, spouses, partners, companions, relocated employees, etc. The sender should check remittance limits and guaranteed rates at the initial stage. Memorize the key points to seek out the cheapest international money transfer conditions:

  • For solid amounts you are interested in remitting internationally, such parameters as transfer limits should be checked. The Internet-based activity of such a kind might be blocked together with the current account in case the sum exceeds the maximum rate set by the banking institution.
  • Keep track of the guaranteed rates for auto-conversions if your sum will be remitted to the recipient with the contactless / debit / prepaid or credit cards served in another currency. Give preference to the banking institution or the special-purpose international money transfer app with insurance and protection packages to exclude the volatility and index-bouncing risks.
  • The sum is vulnerable to currency bouncing if it is automatically converted. It is better to prioritize a cheap international money transfer organization with fixed charges and exchange-rate plans not to lose on auto-conversion.

Additionally, pay attention to the speed of the transaction guaranteed by the financial firm you are interested in. The best way to send money internationally is to give preference to a reliable organization with immediate session processing.

For example, modern digital wallets can be a great idea for sending funds momentarily. PayPal is one of them. But check transaction and withdrawal fees to understand if they are affordable for your pocket and if this variant meets the recipient’s expectations.

5 Basic Pointers for the Cheapest International Money Transfers

All present-day clients vary in their requirements for financial corporations. It depends on your demands in the context of the flat, transaction, withdrawal, and other fees if you are looking forward to picking sides with the best way to send money internationally. But the following win-win hacks to make remittances forwarded to foreigners cost-saving:

  1. Try not to use credit cards for this purpose. They could force you to promote useless expenditures compared with prepaid and multiple other banking accounts used for international transfers. Those cards that obtain pre-obtained credit limits from banking establishments always have extra fees for such transactions.
  2. Avoid popular financial establishments with renowned names. Big banks can become your headache but not the best way to transfer money internationally. The majority of top-ranking banking establishments represent higher transaction and withdrawal fees.
  3. Ask your recipient about less frequent transactions and remit larger amounts at one go. The cheapest money transfer is about infrequent sums sent. This way you are going to cut down all the fixed fees.
  4. Find a special-purpose banking institution or an international money transfer app granting zero fees not to overpay (especially for regular transactions and solid amounts remitted on an ongoing basis).
  5. Always start with the comparison of all the accessible variants on the market of financial service providers. With the help of a detailed comparison of fees, terms, operation speed & security measures, you could discover the best way to send money internationally.
  6. Pay attention to discounts and rewards as part of loyalty programs run by banks, apps, wallets, and other establishments. This way you may discover the most optimal deal for your regular or occasional wire transfers. Clients have the possibility to navigate through apps to send money internationally with chargeless plans and even cashback for scheduled payments.

One more win-win approach is to keep track of weekdays the financial firm has the lowest transaction and withdrawal fees. Plus, take a closer look at the top-rated banking service packs and special offers from digital remitting systems presented to help you with the perfect match regarding the best way to send money globally.

Special Offers from E-Platforms for the Extremely Cheap International Money Transfer

Let’s dive into the guide through five top-ranking digital platforms as a great alternative to traditional banking. And make a choice of the best way to send money internationally while reviewing all the strong sides of each variant offered:

  • Moneycorp – this is a digital platform with a personalized loyalty program for users worldwide. This app is ready to provide special points for each financial operation related to transferring at least $50-$100 overseas. Users get the branded star card and can opt for exclusive rewards for their proactivity in the application. Bonuses from Moneycorp can become the best way to send money cost-effectively.
  • MoneyGram – most consumers could count on zero remittance fees there. Due to this distinctive feature, crowds of satisfied users worldwide call this e-platform the best-matching international money transfer app for cost-efficient finance management sessions.
  • Wise – this is the choice of millions of travelers around the world. The travel-focused fin corp offers numerous perks for its client base including favorable exchange rates. Wise guarantees the middle-market charges for Internet-based live conversions that are easy-to-use and budget-friendly for a huge category of consumers.
  • PayPal – is among greyhound apps to send money internationally. Its sound strength is immediate remittance processing. Funds are sent within the shortest periods. Customers should be ready for the 5% remitting fee, and the 1.75% withdrawal fee should be paid by the recipient.
  • PassTo – one more user-friendly platform with attractive terms and conditions for 100% consumer satisfaction in the context of the cheapest money transfer. The speed of online operations in the application is impressive. But a flat fee is charged for this quick procedure. Be ready to pay 1.25% of the amount that is sent. The recipient will not pay anything. But the transaction fee can disappoint those who remit solid sums regularly.

This list highlights exclusive variants for the cheapest international money transfer background. Nevertheless, meet alternative solutions to take into consideration if you are planning regular remitting sessions of such kind. For example, OFX would come in handy if you require zero transfer limits.

Xoom is the optimal fin corp for generous cashback. At the same time, WU (Western Union) remittance sessions could become the best way to transfer money internationally due to its awesome global-scale fin corp market outreach and numerous offices, ATMs, and branches worldwide.


A hot-topic question for thousands of consumers is still open. How to send money internationally? Unpredictable situations may take place while requiring timely fund provision to business partners, relatives, and other recipients. Peer-to-peer financial digital platforms are among the most favorable for this purpose. But some banking establishments also can offer affordable fees and fast transaction processing terms.

The main task of the senders is to explore all the variants and choose the most optimal one according to personal demands. There are discounts, zero fees, cashback, bonuses for scheduled remitting sessions, etc. Do not forget about limits for sums-to-send and guaranteed rates not to lose solid amounts on auto-conversions. The present-day market pleases users with a plethora of diverse digital-friendly opportunities.


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