How to add money to your PayPal account in 5 different ways

Online payment platforms like PayPal have become essential tools for managing money and making transactions. Adding funds to your PayPal account is a simple process that can be done in various ways, providing flexibility and convenience. Nevertheless, the questions “how to add money to my PayPal account,” “how to put money on PayPal” are googled pretty often!

Let’s explore five different methods of how to add money to PayPal seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to shop online, send money to friends or family, or simply build up your PayPal balance for future purchases, understanding these options will empower you to make the most of this popular payment platform.

Before You Learn How to Transfer Money to PayPal: Introduction to PayPal

Before we learn how to add cash to PayPal, let’s get to know a bit more about the solution itself. PayPal is a widely recognized online payment platform that facilitates secure and convenient transactions between individuals and businesses. Founded in 1998, it initially served as a subsidiary of eBay before becoming an independent company in 2015.

Services Offered by PayPal

PayPal offers various services to its users, including the ability to link their accounts to checking or credit cards for seamless money transfers. Additionally, PayPal provides debit and credit cards branded with its name, making it easier for customers to make purchases both online and offline.

How Does PayPal Work?

Users can sign up for a PayPal account using just an email address and linking it with their preferred payment method. This process involves verification steps to ensure security measures are met before initiating any transactions.

Whether sending money through email addresses or phone numbers or completing purchases on websites supporting PayPal payments, consumers benefit from quick transaction processing times.

Security Measures Implemented by PayPal

One key advantage of using PayPal is its robust security features that protect user information during financial transactions. By verifying identities at the setup stage and employing encryption technologies throughout all interactions, users can trust that their funds are safe when utilizing the platform.

Pros of Using PayPal

Now that you know how to put money on PayPal, let’s take a look at some benefits of the solution itself.

Easy to Use Accounts with Lots of Features

PayPal offers a wide range of services, including online shopping, money transfers, donations, credit options, bill payments, saving and budgeting tools, and even investing in cryptocurrency. Opening and managing a PayPal account is straightforward.

Widely Accepted

With over 360 million accounts globally and availability in most countries worldwide, PayPal is widely accepted by merchants for online transactions. This makes it convenient for both buyers and sellers.

Free for Many Domestic Transactions

Opening a PayPal account is free of charge, as are domestic transactions such as sending money to friends or making payments within the same currency. There are no fees involved unless a currency conversion is required.

Secure Payment Method

PayPal provides an added layer of security by not requiring users to share their bank or card details during transactions. Additionally, buyer protection ensures refunds if purchases do not arrive as expected.

Convenient Money Transfers

Sending money via PayPal only requires the recipient’s email address or phone number, and transfers happen instantly without needing banking details exchanged between parties involved.


If you want to add cash to PayPal, you should be aware of some drawbacks, too. One of the main disadvantages of PayPal is its fee structure. The fees can be confusing, with different charges depending on how you fund your transaction or if it involves international transfers.

For example, before you add cash to PayPal, you should know that sending money to a friend within the US may incur no fees if funded through your PayPal balance but could result in fees if funded by a debit card. Additionally, international transactions carry high costs, with currency conversion fees ranging from 3% – 4%, along with transfer fees that can add up quickly.

Another disadvantage of PayPal is related to security concerns. While PayPal offers buyer protection for purchases made through their platform, some users have reported instances of accounts being frozen or limited without warning due to suspected fraudulent activity or violation of terms of service. This can be frustrating for users who rely on their accounts for regular transactions.

Furthermore, relying solely on PayPal as a payment method may not always be accepted by all merchants or individuals conducting business online. Some smaller vendors may not support payments via PayPal, which could limit your purchasing options.

Introduction to Adding Funds to PayPal

So, how to add cash to PayPal? Ensuring your PayPal account maintains a sufficient balance is essential for smooth online transactions and timely payments. Where can I load my PayPal card? Fortunately, PayPal offers various methods to add funds to your account, catering to different preferences and needs. Below, we’ll explore these options in detail.

Option 1. Add Money to PayPal from Your Linked USD Bank Account

Adding funds from your linked bank account is a straightforward process:

  • Log into PayPal and navigate to the Wallet section.
  • Select “Transfer money” and then “Add money to your balance.”
  • Choose the linked bank account you wish to use.
  • Confirm the transfer amount and proceed with the transaction.

Funds transferred from your bank account typically become available within 3 to 5 days, and this service is free of charge. However, ensure that the bank account used shares the same name as your registered PayPal account.

Option 2. Add Money to PayPal Account with a Credit Card or Debit Card

Where can I load my PayPal card? Are there any other options? How to add money to PayPal without bank account? Alternatively, you can add funds using a credit or debit card. How to add money to PayPal from debit card? Here is the procedure.

  • Access your PayPal Wallet.
  • Click on “Link a debit or credit card” and follow the instructions to complete the linking process.
  • Once linked, select the card as your preferred payment method when adding funds.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.

So, you now know how to add money to PayPal from debit card. Please note that this option may not be available for all credit cards and is subject to your account settings.

Option 3. Add Cash to Your PayPal Account

To add cash to your PayPal account, you can utilize the PayPal app and a PayPal Cash Plus account:

  • Log into the PayPal app and navigate to the “More” section.
  • Select “Add cash” and choose a supported retailer.
  • Generate a barcode and present it to the store clerk along with the desired cash amount.
  • The cash will be added to your account promptly.

Bear in mind that there’s a service fee of $3.95 for this transaction, and barcodes expire after one hour.

Option 4. Add Money to PayPal Using the PayPal App or Website

How to transfer money to PayPal? Adding funds via the PayPal app or website is also convenient and user-friendly:

  • Open the PayPal app or log into the website.
  • Navigate to your PayPal balance and select “Add money.”
  • Follow the prompts to specify the desired top-up amount and complete the transaction.

This method allows you to add funds from a linked bank account or card, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Option 5. Receive Money from Friends and Family

You can also receive funds from friends and family directly into your PayPal account:

  • Share your registered PayPal email address with the sender.
  • Await the transfer, which will be added to your balance promptly.

Keep in mind that the sender may incur fees based on the transfer method and currency used. Domestic transfers from a US PayPal account may be fee-free if funded from a balance or linked bank account, while international transfers may involve currency conversion fees.

So, now you know how to add money to PayPal. By leveraging these options, you can ensure your PayPal account remains adequately funded for seamless transactions and financial flexibility.

Some Alternatives

While PayPal has long been a popular choice for sending and receiving money globally, there are several alternative services that offer similar functionalities with some unique features. Let’s explore the top PayPal alternatives available in various countries.


TransferWise is a preferred choice for international money transfers as it allows users to send cash across borders at the real exchange rate without hidden fees. This service supports over 70 countries and enables you to hold multiple currencies in one account. With TransferWise Borderless Account, individuals can receive payments by having local bank accounts in different countries.


Revolut offers banking services with virtual debit cards that allow immediate payment through its app or physical debit card linked to your account. Users can easily transfer money between friends instantly within the application without any additional fees using their mobile number or email address.


Payoneer provides cross-border payment solutions, enabling businesses and professionals worldwide to pay and get paid globally as though they were operating locally. It supports multi-currency transactions, allowing users from more than 200 countries to manage their funds efficiently through wire transfers or virtual accounts.


Skrill is known for its simple interface facilitating fast peer-to-peer fund transfers via email addresses, making it easy for both personal use and business purposes alike, including e-commerce integration options on websites.

These alternatives come with competitive fee structures compared to traditional banks, often offering lower costs on currency exchanges, especially when dealing with foreign clients, which makes them stand out among other financial institutions present.


As you can see, the answer to the “How to add money to PayPal” question is not complicated at all. You now know several top ways and can explain everything to anyone wondering “how to add money to my PayPal account?” Enjoy using it, as the convenience is matchless!


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