How To Send Money to Russia Right Now in 2023

Sending money internationally is now easier than ever. However, sending funds specifically to Russia can present unique challenges due to various restrictions imposed by certain popular services. In this guide, we will learn how to send money to Russia safely and efficiently from abroad into the vast territory of the Russian Federation.

Understanding transfer restrictions: can I send money to Russia right now?

So, how to send money to Russia now? Before delving into available methods, it is crucial to understand why some well-known transfer platforms may not support transfers directly into Russia. These limitations often arise due to regulatory compliance issues or concerns related to fraud prevention measures connected with specific countries. Therefore, finding suitable alternatives becomes essential for those seeking convenient ways of sending money to Russia.

Popular services that do not support transfers to Russia:

Russia has faced various economic sanctions imposed by different countries over the years due to geopolitical tensions and other factors. As a result, several popular services that facilitate money transfers worldwide do not support transactions involving Russia, but there are still many options for how to send money to Russia now. Before we explore some of these services and discuss alternative options for individuals looking to send funds from abroad into Russian bank accounts, let’s take a look at some giants that made sending funds impossible.


Can I send money to Russia right now? It is not now possible with PayPal. PayPal is a widely-used digital payment platform known for its convenience in sending and receiving money globally. Once considered the best tool for money transfer to Russia, however, it does not currently allow direct transfers between PayPal accounts registered in different countries if one involves Russia. This limitation can be frustrating for those seeking quick cross-border payments with their Russian counterparts.

Alternative Solution: while PayPal may restrict direct transfers involving Russia, there are still alternatives available, like TransferWise or Wise. There are competitive exchange rates at lower fees compared to traditional banks while allowing seamless fund transfers into Russian bank accounts. It is definitely the best way to send money to Russia.


Venmo has gained immense popularity among users in the United States as an easy-to-use peer-to-peer payment app owned by PayPal Holdings Inc.; unfortunately, similar restrictions apply here regarding transferring funds directly linked with entities based out of or connected deeply with Russian banking systems.

Alternative Solution: to overcome this restriction on Venmo specifically related to transacting within or towards/from Russian institutions/accounts/banks etc., consider using Zelle – another P2P mobile service supported by major US-based banks that enables instant fund transfers domestically without compatibility issues concerning regional banking networks including those present within Russia itself.


Revolut offers multi-currency wallets along with prepaid debit cards to facilitate seamless international transactions. However, due to regulatory complexities and limitations related to Russian banking systems, Revolut currently does not support direct money transfers into Russia.

Alternative Solution: to transfer funds from abroad into a Russian bank account, bypassing these restrictions, individuals can explore traditional wire transfer options such as using their local bank’s services or working with specialized companies that offer competitive rates for international transfers.

It is important for people seeking cross-border financial transactions involving Russia or any other restricted region to always check the latest regulations imposed by governments or consult with trusted financial advisors before initiating a transaction. By staying informed about viable alternatives and adhering to legal requirements, individuals can navigate through these limitations effectively while conducting global monetary operations efficiently.

Alternative methods for sending money to Russia:

Fortunately, several reliable options exist that facilitate secure fund transfers even if direct integration with these platforms above remains unavailable. Let’s summarize the top options.

Wire transfers via traditional banks

Traditional banking institutions remain an effective means to transfer money to Russia and internationally despite more modern alternatives emerging over time. It is one of the best ways to send money to Russia.

  1. Ensure your local bank supports wire transfers.
  2. Verify whether your recipient’s bank accepts incoming wire transfers from abroad.
  3. Familiarize yourself with any transaction fees associated with both outgoing and incoming wires before proceeding.

SWIFT transfers

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) offers a global network enabling the secure sending of money to Russia.

Contact your bank to initiate the SWIFT transfer and provide all necessary recipient details, such as their account number and bank’s BIC/SWIFT code. Keep in mind that fees may apply based on both the sender and receiver banks’ policies.

Online money transfer services

Several online money transfer services can help you send funds to Russia efficiently without relying on platforms that do not support direct transactions with Russian accounts. Some popular options include:

  1. TransferWise: renowned for its competitive exchange rates and low fees, this service offers quick money transfers to Russia, allowing users to send money directly into Russian ruble-denominated accounts from various countries worldwide.
  2. WorldRemit: this platform offers fast international transfers via mobile or web-based applications while providing flexible payout options within Russia.

Cryptocurrency transfers

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity globally due to their decentralized nature and the possibility to facilitate cross-border financial transactions quickly. However, before considering this option:

  1. Ensure the availability of cryptocurrency exchanges supporting Rubles.
  2. Familiarize yourself with any legal frameworks around cryptocurrencies specific to both your home country and Russia.
  3. Consider any risks associated with price volatility when transferring funds using digital assets.

How long does it take to send money to Russia?

The duration for transferring funds from one country to another can vary depending on several factors, such as the method chosen, banking regulations in both countries, currency conversion processes, and even local holidays. In the case of sending money specifically from other parts of the world to Russia or vice versa, let’s explore some common options:

  1. Bank transfers: bank transfers are a popular choice among those willing to send money to Russia due to their reliability and security. When using this method for international transfers involving Russian banks, processing times, on average, may range between 2-5 business days. This timeframe accounts for the authentication procedures that financial institutions involved in cross-border transactions require.
  2. Online payment platforms: online payment platforms have gained tremendous popularity over recent years mainly because they offer relatively faster transfer speeds than traditional methods such as bank wires or checks.
  3. Cryptocurrency transfers: cryptocurrencies provide an alternative option that offers potentially quicker transaction times while bypassing many regulatory obstacles associated with traditional banking systems. When utilizing cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) to transmit funds across borders, the process can occur almost instantly, speedily enough, considering there are no intermediaries involved. Other considerations include potential fees, currency exchanges, and recipient familiarity/acceptance of digital currencies.
  4. Western Union/MoneyGram Services: companies that offer quick money transfer to Russia, like Western Union or MoneyGram, allow you quickly send cash abroad without requiring either party to have a bank account. Transferring via these services to Russia can generally take place within minutes, given the recipient has access to a nearby cash pickup location.


So, now you know how to transfer money to Russia! While some well-known payment platforms continue facing restrictions regarding direct transfers between their systems and Russian banks, alternative methods exist which allow individuals abroad to conveniently transfer money to Russia in 2023. Options such as wire transfers through traditional banking institutions or specialized online remittance services offer reliable solutions worth exploring, depending upon individual requirements/preferences.

Lastly, cryptocurrency is another way to transfer money to Russia; however, it requires careful consideration, given the regulatory complexities surrounding digital currencies across different jurisdictions. With these alternatives at hand, you can now make informed decisions when sending funds to Russia while ensuring security and cost-effectiveness.


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