PayPal to GCash: How to Transfer Money From PayPal to GCash

In the era of digital payments, it is quite challenging to find the most optimal option for your wealth management including international money transfers and other forms of remitting funds abroad. E-wallets are among the most popular ways to undertake remittance to any corner of the world. It does not matter where the recipient is located. Sending funds will take minimum time and the sender’s efforts.

First, it is necessary to pick sides with the best-matching e-payment platform to remit any amount of your interest overseas. A leader among financial service providers of such kind is PayPal. And the booming tandem for sending money risk-free and cost-effectively is PayPal-to-GCash remitting sessions.

Why Do Most Users Select PayPal to Remit Funds?

This is a popular e-platform for remittances due to the awesome option for families and friends. You can transfer funds to your relatives and buddies worldwide without any fees. The security arrangements are also on a high level there. This payment system uses solid encryption algorithms to protect users’ accounts from scammers and any forms of cybercrimes.

The extra measure against fraud takes place here. PayPal is about numerous authorization and verification checks to secure users’ purchases and other transactions. But if you are interested in business wire transfers, be ready for fees. Additionally, you need to pay one more fixed charge (1%) which is for instant access to the current account. Compared with traditional banking packages, transactions here are processed immediately.

Speaking about weak spots that usually are ignored by regular customers of this payment e-platform, they are account freezing, and pretty long-term recovery sessions even if the person provided all the documents for the checkups.

PayPal-to-GCash Transfer Intro: Why People Choose GCash?

One of the most popular digital wallets in the Philippines is GCash. But why is it chosen by locals? There is a range of reasons Filipinos prefer this online payment system for:

  • Easy and safe purchases on the Internet;
  • Seamless & smooth international transfers from/to bank accounts at affordable fixed charges;
  • Chargeless paying local bills (for residents and ones with resident permits);
  • QR-friendly transactions and available loan plans for users;
  • High-level compatibility with other international payment systems.

One more important feature that brought GCash true popularity is the opportunity to request funds and send any sums (in any currencies) abroad even if the payer or the recipient does not hold the account of this local wallet. Low fees or even zero charges will be one more advantage for active GCash users.

Why PayPal Account Holders Would Like to Transfer Funds via GCash?

There are two core reasons why people are interested in this kind of transaction. First, all PayPal-to-GCash transfers are free of charge. This is the wow way to save extra money for entertainment, food, and purchases. Moreover, when you need to remit a giant sum through this payment method.

Secondly, the PayPal-to-GCash transfer experience is about immediate transactions. Funds will be remitted as soon as possible without any need to wait for 1-14 banking days as most traditional financial institutions require for the payment processing.

To sum up, there are two advantages for users from different corners of the world:

  1. Fast speed modes when it comes to PayPal-to-GCash transactions. It takes several minutes maximally to stay satisfied with the final result of the remittance.
  2. Zero PayPal-to-GCash fee. This is a significant benefit for those who transfer funds regularly or operate with huge sums.

If you realized the convenience of financial operations via these two payment systems, it is high time to find the answer to the hot-topic question: “How to send money from PayPal to GCash?”. Follow the detailed guide to perform everything hassle-free.

2 Working Methods for Users with Detailed Algorithms

If you wonder how to transfer PayPal to GCash, take a closer look at two working methods with all the steps described. Note that it is possible to undertake the remittance with or without linking one account to another. It means that you will find the algorithms on how to connect PayPal to GCash (this is the most well-spread way users perform their remittances) and on the contrary how to transfer money from PayPal to GCash without linking.

Method 1: How to Connect PayPal to GCash and Remit Funds

For this purpose, you need to have access to your GCash account. Log in first. It is necessary to use relevant data entries. Specify your personal information in order to link PayPal to GCash. Then, undertake the following:

  • Go to the dashboard of the application. Find the “Profile” menu there;
  • To link PayPal to GCash, you need to explore the section of Linked Accounts;
  • Find the icon of the payment system you are interested in (PayPal, of course);
  • Follow the instruction on the screen. In most cases, users have a guide on how to link PayPal to GCash (which data entries to provide, etc.);
  • Enter the email code that is linked to the PayPal account. Additional verification arrangements can be asked by the GCash managers;
  • Link the email address. This way, start the authorization process. Usually, the wallet will redirect to your account to link PayPal to GCash;
  • Your task is to confirm this operation through the “Confirm” action button.

Use the “Request” option to initiate the remittance. Specify your wallet number together with the sum you would like to top into your account. Enter the “Next” action button to progress. Confirm the remittance while verifying the process with the “Send Money” activity. Stay pleased with the zero PayPal-to-GCash fee and immediate funds remitted.

It is likely the final stage of the linking process you might consider. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to remit funds at the moment. Now, you know how to link PayPal to GCash and undertake the remittance that meets your requirements. But there is one more method to take into consideration.

What to Do If You Want to Unlink Your Accounts?

Take a closer look at several easy steps on how to unlink PayPal to GCash. You need to go to the “Linked Accounts” section and select the payment system for unlinking. Confirm this process while redirected to the PayPal account. That’s all. Note that all the details requested by the wallet customer service should be provided to complete the final stage. Use these tips and relevant instructions from the fin-corp app on how to unlink PayPal to GCash.

Method 2: Alternative Way How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash

Alternatively to the above-listed method, this option does not require any linking. You need to go to the homepage of the wallet app. Find there the “Cash-In” action button. The list of global partners will contain PayPal. Select it to continue.

Specify the amount you are interested in (for the remittance). Note that at least 500 Philippine pesos should be used for the financial operation. If not, funds are not going to be remitted. Confirm the procedure and stay pleased with the final result you have while having got the idea of how to transfer money from PayPal to GCash without linking.

Check Safe Alternatives to PayPal-to-GCash Transfer Sessions

Remember that PayPal & GCash are not the only tandem with favorable terms for senders and recipients. It is possible to explore alternatives to the above-listed remitting algorithms. Some people are confused with the minimum amount to transfer PayPal to GCash (500 Philippian pesos). For example, Apple or Google Pay can erase this limit for senders.

If you are not interested in immediate time limits for transactions, safe alternatives to PayPal with the same sending/requesting patterns for GCash are:

  • Skrill;
  • Zelle;
  • WorldRemit.

Note that extra fees and rather long-term processing can take place. It will be reasonable for users who live in countries where PayPal limitations are applied. For example, some people cannot receive funds from employers, clients, and other third parties. Only family members can remit money. In this case, PayPal-to-GCash alternatives will become the best-matching solution.


The best online payment service can vary from one case to another. If you prefer PayPal and are not limited to restrictions related to your location, check all the steps from the guide on how to send money from PayPal to GCash. Explore alternatives with their charges and rewards if you are not pleased with the terms and conditions in the context of the remittance experience.

Those who are fond of the PayPal & GCash tandem know well the soundest benefits of this happy blend of payment options. First, all the financial operations will take place fast. The recipient will get funds almost immediately. Second, a zero PayPal-toGCash fee will help you with savings on charges for such transactions.

The main idea is to check any limitations and restrictions for your account in the country you live. For example, the minimum amount to transfer PayPal to GCash can be unfavorable for you as well). Some remitting procedures can be blocked for residents of European and Asian countries. Now, you have a guide on how to transfer Paypal to GCash. Decide if two working methods are favorable for you.


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