The best countries in Europe to live and work for Indians

For residents of India, EU countries can provide a professional and financial start. And this is all thanks to the developed economy and infrastructure. In addition, Indians in Europe can make international money transfers for their family and friends living in India (check the best money transfer to India). Also, European countries will provide one of the best education in the world, allowing for career growth.

What attracts Indians to Europe?

Before deciding to move to one of the European countries, an Indian sets specific goals: work and career, training, and gaining experience.

So why are European countries so attractive? Well, first of all, this is a high level of development because the economy and infrastructure of the European Union countries is one of the best in the world. Indians in other countries can also find employment and move with their families, but Europe sets the benchmark for providing better jobs and quality of life. By getting a high-paying job, an expat gains financial independence, career prospects, and the security of a better experience. Sending money or rewards to loved ones in India will provide them with sound financial support. After all, international money transfer from Europe to a bank in India are just a fast and secure financial transaction.

In addition, Indians in Europe highly value EU blue cards (this is the card best for expats). Next, we will determine the best country to settle for Indian.

Let’s present a small guide to the best countries in Europe

To understand which European country is best for Indian, we will take a closer look at some of the most promising countries for working with a high quality of life.

Great Britain

It is the best country to live and work for Indian. It is not for nothing that Great Britain has been considered the main competitor of the United States for many decades in the following areas:

  • high level of the economy;
  • use of innovative technologies, including in the banking sector, which allows for fast and secure bank wire transfers through a current account, as well as quick currency exchange and online sending;
  • promising vacancies with competitive salaries;
  • provision of various social benefits;
  • quality medical care.

Great Britain is the best country to settle for Indian. Compared with other European countries, it is desirable to know both the native language of the country and English. Still, only English is sufficient in the UK, eliminating the language barrier when moving and further employment. This country provides an opportunity to receive a prestigious education that will contribute to a thriving Indian career in the future. This country can obtain various visas: skilled workers, specialists, medical workers, and others.


Germany is the best country to earn money for Indian, given the developed infrastructure and economy of the state. This country will allow you to make money and accumulate savings, and the accumulated cash can be sent to the account of your relatives in India. Germany is one of the leading countries for medical care that ensures quality of life. In addition, most prestigious universities provide free degrees for students.

Germany is not the most expensive country, but the wage level is relatively high. Thanks to its low unemployment rate, Germany is the best country to work for Indian, which strives to employ specialists as much as possible by providing prestigious vacancies. Thanks to innovative technologies in the banking sector, which provide the best way to transfer money to India, Indian emigrants can make financial transfer to their homeland, providing financial support to their relatives in India.

Considering all the above aspects, we can confidently assume that Germany is the best country in Europe to live and work for Indian.


This European country is the best country in Europe to live and work for Indian. It is because the state ranks second in the world regarding the happiness index. Therefore, Denmark is the most favorable state for both living and working. It is worth noting that the country has one of the lowest crime rates. Since English is the second compulsory language for Danes, it is optional for an emigrant to learn Danish, which makes adaptation to the country much more accessible. Therefore, Denmark is not only the best country to work for Indian but also to provide a comfortable and safe life.

Which Europe country is best for Indian? Since Denmark is one of the most productive European countries, there will be no problems with employment. This state is considered expensive in terms of living, but a very high level of wages compensates for this. In Denmark, there is practically no significant difference in income between specialists.

Popular trainee visas are available for the younger generation to gain relevant professional skills. The best country to earn money for Indian – this is Denmark.


It is the best country to live and work for Indian because the Netherlands provides a high quality of life, a developed economy, and an infrastructure that uses innovative technologies that make transferring funds to India a hassle-free experience. The country has a relatively high level of security, social benefits, and excellent prospects for career growth. It is not for nothing that many Indians in Europe consider this state the most attractive.

The Netherlands provides many well-paid jobs in various fields. The country strives to maintain a healthy standard of living for the population, monitors environmental protection, and actively implements ecological policies. It is no wonder that many believe this is the best country for Indians to live in.
To find a job, an Indian will need company sponsorship. Employees receive at least 20 days of annual leave and various financial benefits on holidays. Since renting housing is relatively high, this state will not be economically profitable for short-term part-time work.


This state provides enormous employment opportunities, offering a wide range of vacancies. Therefore, it is the best country to work for Indian. The government is also rich in beautiful nature, diverse cultures, and unique practical experiences. Norway provides a rich environment for learning and gaining valuable skills that lead to career growth and high earnings.

The following areas of employment are opening up for specialists: information technology, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, transport, and much more, providing competitive wages. Norway has also created an excellent education system that opens up great prospects for young people. All this suggests that Norway is the best country to live and work for Indian.


This state offers social and economic security, being an ideal country not only for individual Indians but also for the entire family. That is why Finland is believed to be the best country for Indians. In addition to the state offering enormous career opportunities, this country is also famous for its beauty, striking many emigrants: the wealth of nature and 40 national parks are just worth it.

Let us list the main advantages that make Finland the best country to work for Indian:

  • maximum respect for gender equality: equal career opportunities for both men and women;
  • excellent healthcare system;
  • high level of security;
  • provision of social benefits;
  • outstanding education system.

The cost of living is relatively high, but the state takes maximum care of citizens, ensuring their well-being.


If you ask Indians which country in Europe is best suited for India, many will answer Sweden. It is one of the most famous European countries for expats. This state provides excellent conditions for living and working. In addition, the Swedish authorities actively support start-up entrepreneurs. The banking system is one of Europe’s best, meaning sending funds to India will be unhindered.

The best employment vacancies in Sweden are provided, allowing you to earn high. The weekly hourly rate is 40 hours, and overtime is always well-paid. In addition, the country offers reliable social protection. That is why Sweden is believed to be the best country for Indians.


Indians in other countries believe Sweden is one of the best countries that offers career growth and prosperity opportunities. Thanks to quality education, students can get a head start on career growth and ensure financial independence. For many Indians, transferring the money they earn to their relatives in India is the primary goal.

Which Europe country is best for Indian? Portugal has a meager crime rate, which ensures comfortable living for the population. In addition, the cost of living is low. Not 12 salaries are paid annually, but 14 are 2 additional salaries (in winter and summer). Those employees who pay social contributions are provided with social insurance, which will cover the costs of treatment and assistance in case of unemployment. Therefore, if you ask an Indian which European country best suits Indians, many emigrants will say Portugal.

In the end

So, which European country is best for Indian? Of course, one must proceed from individual preferences and expected results related to employment opportunities and quality of life. Also, for many, the cost of obtaining a work visa may be essential, and depending on the country, it can vary from 100 to 700 euros.

In addition, you should consider the expected wage level because if the state is expensive to live in, and the salary is at the average level, then it is better to prefer a country with less expensive living costs. Therefore, before taking steps in the direction of a particular country, it is advisable to consider all aspects, especially financial ones.


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