Top 5 Best Countries to Work in for Indians

Working internationally is becoming a hot-topic trend worldwide. Most people would like to try new experiences overseas. For example, Indian students are ready to study abroad and earn money with the help of part-time work after classes. But some people from India are exceptionally interested in job opportunities in other countries.

It is not surprising that thousands of ambitious women and men from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and other locations search for the best country to work for Indian seekers. But before picking sides with the most favorable environment abroad to choose for self-realization and career prospects, it is better to take a look at the in-demand professions for foreigners.

Jobs in Foreign Countries for Indian Seekers: Top 3 to Consider

According to Business Insider research, there are four burning employment areas for job seekers from India. They are IT directions, data analytics, trucking, and nursing. Indians can opt for sound career prospects if they are skillful specialists in information technologies, truckers, data analysts, and nurses.

These jobs abroad for Indian people will bring perfect salaries and opportunities to become high-paid experts overseas. Moreover, reputable companies will support workers with favorable living conditions and other necessary things like:

  • Residential rentals;
  • Office equipment (for remote jobs);
  • Extra cash and compensation for gym and healthcare;
  • Rewards for overtime shifts;
  • Insurances and other policies.

Suppose the employer is interested in your candidature. In that case, you can ask for assistance with a work Visa and other paperwork required for hassle-free migration to Europe, the USA, Canada, or another country. Pay attention to special-purpose programs that allow employment abroad for former students. The list of well-paid jobs in foreign countries for Indian graduates is pretty vast today.

Even if you are sure of your choice of country to work, it is better to explore locations according to the comfort of your migration and cost of living. Is it affordable to live there? Could you have savings and transfer money to your relatives while having everything you want (of course, using the best money transfer to India)? Check the best countries to migrate from India to stay pleased with this experience.

Top Countries for Migration from India to Take into Account

The top list of the best countries to migrate from India is almost unchangeable at first sight. Indians still believe that Canada, the USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Germany are the best-matching options for their migration. Nevertheless, these countries are over-migrated. That is why work Visas are challenging to get now.

The former top countries will be suitable for Indian students who want to gain a foothold abroad. Graduates can monitor live work offers while studying and living in the UK, Germany, or elsewhere. This way, the search for a job in a foreign country for Indian students and grads will be easier.

But if you are going to start everything from scratch without graduation, diplomas, local certificates, and other backgrounds, it is better to consider the following countries:

  • Qatar;
  • UAE;
  • Belgium.

Now, we will explain why migration to these locations will be optimal for Indian job seekers. Together with the affordable cost of living, migrants can count on the support from government and local authorities there. Discover the best country to work for Indian people – choose one of the top three variants in our guide.

1 – State of Qatar

One of the largest Indian diaspora is in Qatar. About 700 thousand expatriates live there, and they recommend selecting this country if you want to work abroad. People from India can opt for charge-fee wire transfers, relaxed rules for obtaining work visas, and many more perks.

Among the benefits of Qatar in the context of Indian job seekers are:

  • A variety of well-paid jobs abroad for Indian expatriates;
  • Qatar Airways offers direct flights from/to dozens of Indian cities;
  • This country is one of the most progressive and human-friendly;
  • Qatar obtains modern infrastructure and high salaries for both locals and foreigners.

It is worth noting that the cost of living is high there if you are a traveler and do not work in Qatar. But if you are lucky to find a reliable employer, be sure that you will be paid generously and provided with the apartment, insurance, and other essential services. It is possible to find an excellent job in a foreign country for Indian seekers, especially if your choice is Qatar.

2 – United Arab Emirates

One more country from the Asian Gulf to consider. The favorable living and working conditions are waiting for Indians here. The UAE is optimal for migration due to its high-level standards, enormous salaries even for average workers, and ultra-modern infrastructure. No discrimination takes place in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are searching for a well-paid job in a foreign country for an Indian, pay attention to vacancies from employers in the UAE. Nurses, truckers, delivery men, models, receptionists, and narrow-direction specialists are required in this country. People with the right skills can pretend to have fast career growth and sufficient revenues.

3 – Belgium

While surfing the Internet to explore jobs in foreign countries for Indians, do not forget about Belgium. Compared to Arabian countries, this is a Kingdom with exceptional European flavor. Solid Belgian banking and education systems will be a massive plus for those searching for a position like a teacher, aspirant, bank manager, accountant, etc.

Alternatively to the average job in the UK for Indian seekers, Belgium offers higher salaries for foreigners. So, you can send money to your relatives using the best way to transfer money to India.

Brussels is the heart of the European Union, with equal rights and guarantees for all people. Here, there are financial aid programs for migrants and free courses to get into the profession.

Note that you find the best-matching online banking not to overpay for money transfer or exchange operations in Europe. Additionally, check all your documents before applying for a Belgium working visa. Your papers should meet the EU and Schengen Treaty standards. But if everything is okay, enjoy your cloudless life with a well-paid job and erased borders between other European countries to visit, travel, migrate, etc.

How to Get a Job in Europe from India: Tips for First-Time Job Seekers

Focus on the employment areas you are interested in. For example, you would like to become a receptionist. Explore the best variants in the country you prefer. Check all the available employers to contact and discuss all the terms and conditions. Do they offer desirable jobs abroad for Indian seekers?

Pick sides with the several exciting variants and estimate all the pros and cons. For example, one employer can help you with a work Visa but offer zero long-term employment guarantees. Another company can become responsible for all the paperwork, including fixed agreements and the duration of the work contract. But this employer might cut down the salary size compared to others.

If you are looking forward to finding the answers on how to get a job in Europe from India, pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Work Visa issue solving – the employer should assist you with paperwork;
  2. Reasonable salaries, insurance, aid with accommodations abroad;
  3. Fixed working contracts with guarantees of long-term worker’s migration;
  4. Cost of living in the country – fees on sending money, wire transfers, and exchange operations should be considered as well;
  5. Traveling opportunities, infrastructure, and healthcare backgrounds for comfortable living.

Note that there are many attractive jobs in foreign countries for Indian people to consider. But you should take a closer look at the details. The employer’s reputation, the size of the salary, and favorable living conditions for migrants from India matter.

Additionally, prepare everything necessary for your convenient and budget-friendly migration to apply for well-paid jobs in foreign countries for Indian graduates or uneducated workers. Install the best online e-banking apps, buy a laptop and clothes, and not spend money abroad for these essentials.

Summarizing: The Search for Jobs in Foreign Countries for Indian Workers

You might search for a job in the UK for Indian seekers or try to find promising vacancies in other countries. It does not matter. Your employment preparations should be safe and result-driven. Consider the optimal countries for your migration, like Qatar, Belgium, and the UAE.

Optionally, find alternatives at your request. But pay attention to all the aspects described above. All your steps forward should be free from risky situations due to the in-depth investigations and analysis. If you are not ready to leave your Motherland, try to apply for some remote job offers and relocate abroad only when you are ready for these changes.


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