Wells Fargo SWIFT/BIC Codes

Remitting sessions are the routines of our present-day life. People send money and receive it globally. Your relatives, business partners, friends, customers, and other parties can live far from you. But wire transfers make sending money pretty easy today.

The main task in tandem with the sender & recipient is to prepare for such a transaction properly. First, find a reliable financial service provider. It is better to count on ones that are SWIFT-friendly. Remitting funds through this intermediary banking network is quite simple and very secure.

Together with other well-known banks, millions of people select Wells Fargo Bank (WFB) – the establishment with a long history and a sound reputation as a trusted banking service vendor. If you are interested in international money operations via this financial institution, be sure that you know all the data entries required for a risk-free experience. For example, the Wells Fargo SWIFT code for international wire transfer sessions will be required.

Facts from the Wells Fargo History

One of the most well-known companies providing high-quality financial services in the USA and worldwide is Wells Fargo. WFB is a banking organization with a long history and numerous achievements as a fin-corp firm. People select this company for its diversity of banking and around-financial options. Wells Fargo has about 12 thousand ATMs with zero fees for cash withdrawals.

The founders are renowned Henry Wells and William George Fargo. This tandem of enthusiastic entrepreneurs built a successful empire with banking and express services handled in the far 19th century.

Then, they managed to develop one more astonishing business of stagecoach lines. It is considered one of the largest in the world. Even when the railroad-driven era began, Wells Fargo continued to serve some locations where coaches were the only possible transportation solution.

The timely express, transport, and financial services were provided by the professional Wells’ and Fargo’s team long ago when no one had an idea about the Wells Fargo SWIFT code for international wire transfer procedures. Even when gender and race discrimination took place in the world, this organization did not divide people according to any characteristics like skin color or gender-like features. Unsurprisingly, Wells Fargo is associated with delivery, transportation, and fin-corp services simultaneously.

Pros & Cons of WFB to Consider Before Wells Fargo Swift Transfers

WFB is notable for its global coverage and significant outreach in the context of banking options worldwide. Among its key benefits to take into consideration are:

  • About 12,000 ATMs are located in more than 37 states;
  • Zero withdrawal fees in some partnering ATMs available around the world;
  • Low charges for the card service paid annually;
  • Fast remittances of funds worldwide;
  • Safe and customized online banking packages;
  • Around-the-clock customer service and immediate emergency help;
  • Accessible out-of-network ATMs with lower fees;
  • The opportunity to get balance statements chargeless in any ATM machine globally;
  • The compatibility with well-known messaging & processing systems like SWIFT.

The weak spots also take place when it comes to sending money and wealth management of the Wells Fargo financial establishment. Despite the fact that online banking is rather smart and customer-focused here, transfers and depositing can be challenging for some users because of the following reasons:

  • Speaking about issues related to people’s savings, APYs in this fin corp are low compared with offers from other banks;
  • Annual percentage yield is also low for CD – it is possible to find more favorable certificate-of-deposit conditions;
  • The overdraft policies here are poor. Users with about-zero balances should deliver extra papers together with the Wells Fargo BIC code required for all international money transfers;
  • There are states where no branches are found. Americans cannot remit funds locally with the SWIFT/BIC code for Wells Fargo because of absent physical offices (in Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Vermont, etc.).

If the above-listed issues are not critical for your convenience and safe wealth management, use the current account in the WFB banking organization to save money and undertake wire transfers globally. Sending money in most cases is hassle-free and fast. Find the relevant Wells Fargo BIC code to complete the remitting procedures with zero risks and stress.

Wells Fargo SWIFT Code and Bank Identifier Codes

Each transaction through SWIFT requires a special format of protection. These are codes applied for this or that remittance session. Before searching for the relevant SWIFT/BIC code for Wells Fargo, it is necessary to understand the origin of symbols presented in the 8-digit or 11-digit character sets.

It does not matter which type of banking account the user obtains in this fin corp. Owners of credit cards, virtual prepaid, or debit ones can opt for the international remittance experience if this procedure is allowed by the terms and conditions of the financial structure. The main idea is to know key data entries for the transaction via using the Wells Fargo SWIFT code.

For example, all the character sets contain the bank, country, and location (headquarters’) codes presented in letters and numbers. For a successful transfer, a branch code presented in the form of three specific characters is required sometimes. Like other reputable banks, WFB uses for SWIFT-driven operations the set of letters and numbers in the following format:

  • The first 4 characters are letters that are about the bank code;
  • 2 other letters in the Wells Fargo SWIFT code are about the country coding identification;
  • The next 2 characters presented in the form of letters or digits are for the location (headquarters’) code.

This way the 8-digit specific character set originates. Use it for ongoing transactions worldwide.

What Is the SWIFT Code for Wells Fargo?

The Wells Fargo bank SWIFT code also contains eight letters and numbers. If the transaction is required for the recipient served in the head office, it is necessary to use the following combination – WFBIUS6S. Let’s take a closer look at this Wells Fargo bank SWIFT code to understand the characters’ origin:

  • WFBI the special purpose bank code (the abbreviation of the Wells Fargo Bank International);
  • US is the country code for the United States of America;
  • 6S is the mix of the letter and the digit that is used as the location identification of the head office.

This Wells Fargo SWIFT number is applied for different banking operations internationally. Pay attention to it and do not make mistakes. If any character is confused or missed, the recipient is not going to get the amount of his/her interest. And the sender should contact customer support to find the lost funds to repeat the transaction with the correct SWIFT code for Wells Fargo.

Where to Find the Wells Fargo BIC Code?

In some cases, a SWIFT code for Wells Fargo bank cannot be applied. The recipient’s account can be served in the physical office that processes transactions via the specific BIC character set. It means that the optional branch code will be presented in the form of the last four 2-3 characters. This way the Wells Fargo SWIFT/BIC details are needed.

Note that there are many destinations that relate to the head office of this banking institution. That is why the original Wells Fargo SWIFT code for international transfers is applicable here. States including specific regions and cities served by the service centers of the head office are:

  • Atlanta;
  • Charlotte;
  • Chicago;
  • Dallas;
  • Houston;
  • Irvine;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Miami;
  • Minneapolis;
  • New York;
  • Palo Alto;
  • Philadelphia;
  • San Francisco;
  • Seattle.

For these locations, the relevant Wells Fargo SWIFT code is used – WFBIUS6S. Explore branches that require BICs for international remittance sessions. The main ones will be presented together with the required bank identifier codes.

The Local WFB (Wells Fargo Bank) Branch

Wells Fargo SWIFT Number/BIC

The WFB branch of foreign exchange in Charlotte


The WFB branch of trading operations/processing center in Charlotte


The WFB branch of trading operations/processing center in Los Angeles


The WFB international branch in New York


The WFB branch of foreign exchange in New York


The WFB international processing center in Philadelphia


The WFB branch of foreign exchange in San Francisco


The WFB branch of credit (letter-of-credit) processing  in Winston-Salem


Check these characters set together with the relevant SWIFT code for Wells Fargo Bank. Pay attention to details. Any symbol should be missed when you specify the SWIFT code for Wells Fargo-driven operations and required BICs.


Customers around the world often ask the hot-topic question: “What is the SWIFT code for Wells Fargo?”. This is the 8-digit character set used for global transactions. Remitting procedures are safe and fast if you use the trusted financial network and the Wells Fargo bank SWIFT code for this purpose.

Among the benefits SWIFT-driven operations users can consider are transparency, accountability, digital-friendliness, and a customer-centric approach applied for each fin-corp option required. Use the Wells Fargo SWIFT code for international transfers to be sure of the final results with zero stress and hassle backgrounds. Pay attention to BICs that are the alternative to the above-mentioned character set if the branch optional code is needed. This way the 11-digit identifier coding is used instead of the common 8-digit Wells Fargo SWIFT number.


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