Which cities have the largest Indian diaspora?

The Indian diaspora is one of the largest in the world. Millions of Indians have migrated from India to improve their quality of life through successful employment in high-paying positions. Of course, many countries can provide much better living conditions than India, such as the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and many others.

General information

The Indian diaspora spreads worldwide to America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. If you ask which country has the most Indian population, the answer is the United States, where more than five million Indians live. This is due to the wide range of opportunities that this country can provide. Young Indians have also spread to the Middle East, where low-skilled jobs pay much better in construction and hospitality (UAE, Saudi Arabia). Moreover, compared with other countries, these countries provide the best online money transfer to an Indian bank, considering the modern banking industry.

Migration services in developed countries filter graduates with excellent abilities in medicine and IT technologies. Thanks to this selection, Indian migrants live richly in the countries where they migrate. Indians are the highest-earning diaspora in America, with an average annual income of up to $150,000. Such earnings allow you to make savings and help relatives remaining in India.
It is worth noting that India is one of the top five recipient countries receiving billions of dollars in international remittances yearly. This money sent to India supports the state’s economy by funding low-income and unemployed families.

The best countries to work for Indians are the USA, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Let’s look at some countries with the highest population of Indians.

Distribution of the Indian diaspora by country of the world

For a prestigious education and, subsequently, to receive decent money for work, many Indians emigrated from their country. Naturally, they went to those states with potential for development and growth in professional activities and excellent living conditions. Next, we will present a guide to which country has the most Indian population.


This state has accepted more than 5 million Indian emigrants, providing them with the best living conditions and promising jobs. The best cities for Indian in USA are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Cambridge, Princeton, and Boston. They have the most developed infrastructure prestigious universities, and the economy is at the highest level. The banking system allows you to open a bank account and make international money transfers. It can also be done through a current version with a financial provider. Many options are available to transfer money to India by exchanging US dollars for rupees. If you live in the best cities for Indian in USA, Sending online finances can occur in minutes, and the recipient will receive cash.

USA, a state that supports international students and provides the opportunity to make a career upon completion of their studies. There are enough prestigious vacancies in the USA, but you need to be a highly qualified specialist to get a worthy position.

Medical care is at the highest level, thanks to the concentration of enormous financial resources. American healthcare is built on quality control of medical services, and a strict legislative framework regulates the rights of the patient and his relationship with doctors. Medical care is costly, and not everyone can afford health insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to anticipate these costs when moving in advance.

Of course, the best cities for Indian in USA are not only those listed by us; there are many others. It’s just that everyone bases their preferences: for some, large metropolitan areas are suitable, while others will prefer a less populated and quieter city.

The United States is rich in the presence of the most prestigious universities that you can enroll in after graduating from school. The scientific base of American universities is one of the strongest in the world. There are compulsory and elective subjects, ensuring flexibility in the educational process. The education system includes various practical training and internships, providing an initial experience for working life. Graduates of American universities will be among the most in-demand in the labor market, giving rise to high-paying employment.

The USA can easily be classified as the “Best Countries to Work for Indian.” The highest-paid professions in this state are the following: medical workers, IT specialists, financiers and economists, network engineers, programmers, and petroleum engineers.

Based on the above, the USA is the best country for Indians.

United Arab Emirates

Also, in the UAE, there is the largest Indian diaspora. Dubai is the most popular city where many Indian expats live. Like the United States, the UAE also falls into the category of “Countries with largest Indian population” – numbering more than 4.5 million. This state is famous for its transparent policies, high standard of living, and decent wages. As in the USA, bank transfers are among the fastest and safest. And for most Indians, reliable and timely transfer of funds to their homeland is significant.

The state government strives to make the healthcare sector one of the best in the world, so it spares no expense in investing in medicine. The medical institutions are equipped with the most modern equipment, and the treatment system meets international standards. Telemedicine and artificial intelligence have been introduced, and the government is attracting qualified specialists to work in this field. Some hospital wards have the equipment of a seven-star hotel. The UAE is a leader in medical institutions with international certificates.

Indians in foreign countries such as the UAE can find many prestigious universities, including educational branches in the US and UK. The advantages of studying in the UAE are as follows:

  • teaching is conducted in English, making education more accessible to Indians;
  • the state actively attracts talented youth for education;
  • to ensure a high level of education, the UAE spares no expense in financing education.

Considering all this, we can consider that the UAE is the best country for Indians. The only point that needs to be considered is the high cost of training, one of the highest in the world. However, the authorities offer attractive discounts on education to foreigners, thereby investing in the future of talented youth, which will later benefit the state. Professionals are in demand: salespeople, hotel workers, engineers, lawyers, marketers, business managers, and medical workers.

Saudi Arabia

Indians in foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia also have many prospects for improving their quality of life. High salaries, a developed banking sector, high-quality medical care, and low taxes distinguish the state. The Indian diaspora numbers over four million people.

Let’s look at the main advantages of moving to Saudi Arabia:

  • great opportunities for starting your own business;
  • the state is making excellent investments in healthcare and education, as well as improving the
  • quality of life of the population;
  • inexpensive accommodation;
  • low crime rate.

The cities where most Indians live are Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca. The best countries to work for Indian are not just the US and UK. In this state, you can find employment in highly specialized professions in the following areas: medicine, oil refining, banking, IT technologies (especially programming), and foreign language teaching. If an Indian finds a job, the employer takes all the costs associated with providing housing or compensates for it. The following steps are required for citizenship:

  • entry with a visa;
  • obtain a residence permit for a year;
  • extend the residence permit for five years.

Citizenship can be obtained after ten years: 5 years with a residence permit and 5 years with permanent residence.

There are medical, humanities, and technical universities in Saudi Arabia. The level of training is significantly weaker compared to previous countries. The exception is theological institutions of higher education, considered one of the most prestigious. Studying there lasts 5-7 years, and a residence permit is issued until the end of the studies. Permanent residence for such students can be obtained after 5 years, and having a permanent residence status, they can begin receiving citizenship. The best country for Indians is Saudi Arabia because compared to previous countries, the cost of housing and rent is much lower:

  • In the USA, it is 3 times more expensive.
  • In the UAE, it is 2 times more expensive.
  • In the UK, it is 1.5 times more expensive.

Great Britain

Which country has most Indian immigrants? The answer will be Great Britain – more than two million Indians live in this state in cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester. The country is beautiful for employment and receiving a prestigious education. Therefore, it is the best country for Indians.

The state has a stable economy, and medical care for emigrants is no different from that for local citizens. There are preferential taxes for starting a business. The banking system is one of the best in the world, and transfers are highly reliable. It is essential for Indians that sending money home is easy and regular. Timely transfer of earnings to relatives is the primary goal of migration for many. Young people can get an education at the most prestigious universities – Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, and Manchester. Among all countries with the highest Indian population, most students prefer to receive education here.

This material looked at which country has most Indian immigrants – the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain.


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