Education Abroad: The Pursuit of Excellence by Indian Students in Europe

European education combines an appropriate regulatory educational framework, centuries-old traditions, and the highest quality of education. In European universities, the foundation was laid for the best quality of teaching and deep knowledge of students. European education means something other than the most expensive. There are a lot of courses for learning and growth for Indian students in Europe with a small income.

European tuition fee

The price of overseas education for Indian students in Europe may vary significantly. For example, in countries such as Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland, you can get free education as part of student exchange programs (essential for Indian youth) in many public universities, provided they study in the state language. To get Indian educational experiences abroad, paying a registration fee (from 50 to 1000 euros) is enough. It is worth noting that the most expensive study opportunities for Indians in Europe are located in the UK. As for Switzerland, private educational institutions will be the most costly. In such universities, the annual cost of education can be up to 50,000 euros. You cannot pay in cash, and you only need to deposit money into your account.

The average price category for study opportunities for Indians in Europe includes Italy, Hungary, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is worth paying attention to the fact that education in public universities will be less than private ones. Also, Indian students in European universities should take into account living expenses. If you rent an apartment, you must pay a deposit of 200 to 2000 euros. But when the lease ends, it will be returned. Most apartments are rented unfurnished, so you may need from 400 to 800 euros to purchase it. It is essential to consider that utilities (electricity, heating) are often not included in the rent.

The main advantages of European education and its features

European universities provide the opportunity to obtain overseas educational opportunities – this is not only theoretical knowledge but also the acquisition of practical Indian educational experiences abroad. Therefore, Indian students in European universities, after graduation, will be in great demand in the labor market around the world. Hence, this will provide excellent job prospects and career advancement for Indians. Today, you will find many academic success stories; perhaps one of your friends received cross-cultural learning experiences and became successful.

Also, international students from India in Europe will receive knowledge to stimulate personal development, expand their worldview, gain cultural experiences in education, and become part of international student communities. Upon graduation, Indian scholars in Europe will not stop studying because they will be instilled with a lifelong thirst for new knowledge and gaining experience.

An essential advantage of European universities is that almost all of them are located in beautiful and ancient cities. Each city has magnificent architecture, its centuries-old history, and local traditions. Therefore, by studying in such educational institutions, international students from India in Europe will receive a higher education in Europe and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere inherent in each university.

In many countries, in parallel with their studies, international students from India in Europe can earn money and, after receiving a diploma, find a permanent job and begin obtaining a residence permit. In addition, you have the opportunity to travel around Europe, which is provided by a student visa.

What do preparatory courses provide?

To increase the likelihood of enrollment and pursuing excellence in European colleges, future students are allowed to take special preparatory courses. Here, Indian students in European universities receive basic knowledge and learn the local language. We list the main advantages of taking introductory courses:

  • When Indian scholars in Europe want to get an education at a state university, they need to have an excellent knowledge of the language of the given country (the appropriate certificate confirms understanding). Knowledge of the state language makes it possible to study for free. And thanks to preparatory courses, your knowledge of the language will increase.
  • Many European universities accept students only after reaching 18 years of age. Therefore, many school graduates have to lose a whole year to have the opportunity to enroll and get study opportunities for Indians in Europe. But preparatory courses are accepted from 16-17 years old. In many European countries, 12-13 years of schooling are established. Therefore, the missing year can be compensated for through preparatory courses.
  • Preparatory courses and overseas education for Indian students provide an excellent knowledge base before taking exams for enrollment.

Thus, by taking courses, the likelihood of successful admission increases, the quality of knowledge of the state language, and the pursuing excellence in European colleges significantly improves.

Requirements for enrollment

To learn and grow for Indian students in Europe at one of the European universities, you should prepare the required package of documents. If an Indian chooses a prestigious educational institution, he must pass additional exams and be tested in specific disciplines. However, such cases are sporadic due to the high cost of training. For admission to other universities, no additional knowledge testing will be required; the secondary education received will be sufficient, but preferably with a high average score.

To start learning in diverse environment, do you need a certificate confirming your knowledge of English (or another) language? Which will be taught at the educational institution. Sometimes, Indian students in European universities will only need to present a document confirming completion of the preparatory courses. Some universities may ask you to provide recommendations from other teachers and essays on a specific topic to study abroad for Indians. All prepared documents must be in English (or the state language). Prepared documents must be certified by a notary.

Please note that many educational institutions provide the opportunity to enroll remotely or online. It is better to prepare for admission to a European university at least a year before your planned entry to gain academic aspirations in Europe. Some programs and reviews may occur before the official student intake is announced.

Interesting facts about European education

Let us list the most exciting moments of global education pathways in Europe:

  • The price of education in the former CIS countries is significantly higher than in European countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, and France.
  • The University of Bologna in Italy (founded in 1088) is the oldest in the world.
  • The Norwegian University of Tromsø is the northernmost university in the world. The building of the institution and all its scientific centers are outside the Arctic Circle.

Of course, these are only some interesting facts that can attract Hindu youth. Each European educational institution has its exciting history.

Is it possible to combine study and work at European universities?

An essential factor for Hindu youth will be that it is possible to combine education and work in many European countries. However, realizing that a full-time job and studying at an institution will be incompatible is essential. Therefore, Indian scholars abroad will be able to work part-time. Let’s give examples: in Germany and Austria, you can find a job for at most 10 hours a week while receiving a bachelor’s degree. But there are also rules – you can only earn money during the holidays.

In European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and the UK, it can devote up to 20 hours to work per week. Mostly, students find small positions that generate a profit of approximately 350 euros. It is not much, but they fully compensate for the cost of food. You can also get a job in your specialty: a Hindu student must undergo an appropriate internship, which is included in his education program.

What are the requirements for obtaining a student visa?

Each European state presents its list of required documents. But we will list the documents needed in almost every European country.

First, this is an official invitation from the university and a certificate stating that the applicant has been accepted. You must also confirm your registration (with an ID card and a foreign passport) and provide a plane ticket. Health insurance will be required if the European country belongs to the Schengen zone. In addition, you will need to fill out a form and provide 3-4 photographs. You must receive a letter of guarantee from the bank – education must be paid in part or in whole (payment is confirmed by providing a receipt).

When an Indian goes to receive an education under an exchange program, they will be asked to provide this agreement. Various interviews and consultations may also be held at the country’s embassy. The entire set of prepared documents is drawn up in the local language of the given state, and the translation is ready official and legal (notarized).


European universities provide excellent opportunities to receive a high-quality and prestigious education. In many universities, you can study for free, and taking preparatory courses will give you a significant advantage over those applicants who still need to complete them. Having a diploma from one of the European universities, an Indian has enormous prospects for successful employment and career growth. In addition to quality education, an Indian will find himself in a beautiful atmosphere in each educational institution. A favorable atmosphere will only contribute to quality learning and growth for Indian students in Europe the desire to be the best.


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