Using Revolut Abroad: Maximise Your Revolut Card’s Potential While Travelling Abroad

One of the main advantages of the Revolut service is the Revolut travel card. Depending on the chosen plan, the Revolut debit card will be either a VISA or Mastercard, which you can use to make payments worldwide where VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Using Revolut abroad, you can spend in several currencies and receive automatic money conversion at a rate close to the real one.

What sort of card is this, and what are the benefits and drawbacks? Is Revolut good for traveling? How can we use Revolut abroad? — we tell you in this article.

What Is Revolut Service?

The European Central Bank has granted Revolut a banking license, a financial service with multiple functions. Its features include commission-free stock trading, a debit card with 25 different currencies, and a checking account.

Since its launch in 2015, Revolut has been steadily introducing new features. A smartphone app manages the Revolut account, where you can keep three real and five virtual cards.

Now, let’s discuss using the Revolut card abroad in more detail.

What Is a Revolut Travel Card and Why Do Travellers Love It?

Revolut offers over 150 different currencies, making it a genuine multi-currency benefit. Once you receive the card, you can exchange any currency at the standard rate. This means — you change money immediately without unnecessary markups and conversions.

The Advantages of Using Revolut Abroad

What users love What users don’t really like
The basic card version is entirely free. To open an account, you must be a USA, Canada, Australia, or the European Union resident.
The card is sent to your postal address from London. Several currencies require an additional commission for transactions.
You can register for an account in the USA, Canada, Australia, or the European Union. Being a citizen of that country is optional. Delivery of the card takes some time, depending on the resident country.
It is very convenient to send money between users of the same system and transfer money with one click. To activate your card for using Revolut abroad, you must confirm your identity: provide an ID with a photo, a selfie, and proof of residence in the country.
You can adjust the card’s security, for example, disable contactless payments and the magnetic stripe if needed. There is a monthly limit on the amount you can send, and Revolut abroad fees for exceeding the limit.
Instant transaction notifications and contactless payment support.
You can connect the card to the ApplePay or GooglePay systems for virtual payments.

Of course, Revolut is a big banking system that helps you check accounts, trade crypto, and transfer money with zero Revolut foreign transaction fees. Only a few travelers bother with all the service options on the road. But currency conversion is the most crucial function of the card, which allows you to travel comfortably in a foreign country from the airport, quickly book hotels, and even pay for Uber without overpaying.

Tariffs and Сonditions of Revolut Cards

Is Revolut good for traveling? The company offers five tariffs targeted at different client categories to satisfy every customer. Check the 3 main ones and find out how much Revolut charges abroad:

Standard — free Premium — € 9,99 monthly Metal — € 15,99 monthly
Free current account. Free current account. Free current account.
Carrying out interbank exchanges in over 150 different currencies. Carrying out interbank exchanges in over 150 different currencies. Carrying out interbank exchanges in over 150 different currencies.
Revolut atm withdrawal limit up to €200 per month without commission. Unlimited transfers in 29 currencies. Unlimited transfers in 29 currencies.
Revolut atm withdrawal limit up to € 400 per month without commission. ATM withdrawal limit up to € 800 per month without commission.
Free health insurance. Free health insurance.
Instant access to stock and cryptocurrencies. Instant access to stock and cryptocurrencies.
Priority customer support. Priority customer support.
Free one-time virtual card. Free one-time virtual card.
Free express delivery. Free express delivery.
LoungeKey Pass. LoungeKey Pass.
Metal cashback.
Free concierge (will help you book a hotel, book air tickets, organize an event, etc.).

As you can see, you can take advantage of free foreign cash withdrawals, lower international payment fees than most traditional banks permit, and, based on your plan selection, extra travel benefits when using your Revolut card abroad.

Are there any Revolut abroad fees? The commission fee is 2% for ATM withdrawals and 0.5% for foreign exchanges if you exceed your card’s monthly limits.

Is Revolut Safe?

How does Revolut work abroad? Is it safe and trustworthy? Revolut is a startup that has successfully raised capital and created a variety of cutting-edge online services for money transfers and personal finance.

The company is a fully licensed financial institution in the UK, USA, EEA, and every other nation where the service is offered. The Mastercard or VISA network processes all card transactions, and their regulations apply to all of them. Revolut mobile apps, servers, and third parties encrypt all data they transfer using 2048-bit SSL.

How to Use the Card While Traveling with NO Revolut Charges Abroad

Download the Revolut application, create a wallet in your currency, and top it up from any of your cards or by bank transfer. Now, create a wallet in the currency you need and exchange money directly in the application. Now you have one card and two currencies in it. You can repeat it and add more currency options with no Revolut charges abroad.

For Travelling

How does Revolut work abroad? While traveling, you will unavoidably lose money on exchange if you use a card to pay in any other currency. It is now up to you to spend the money or accept the losses.
Exchanging currency in advance through the application (at the standard interbank rate, not the exchange rate!) is sufficient when using the Revolute card. It’s very convenient and has NO Revolut abroad fees if you keep the limit of your card tariff.

For Purchasing at International Stores

Suppose you frequently buy goods from overseas retailers (such as eBay, Amazon, and airline tickets). In that case, Revolut is an excellent way to avoid losing money on currency conversions by making payments right away in the currency of the retailer.

For Paying for Different Services Abroad

Due to the difference in exchange rates, you will overpay if you use Uber overseas and pay with a credit or debit card in your home currency. You can pay in the desired currency without additional conversion fees and NO Revolut charges abroad when you link your Revolut card to your Uber and similar accounts.

For International Money Transfers

It just takes a few seconds for Revolut users to send money to one another. When you travel, anything can happen. If your friends have an account with this system, they can assist you quickly and affordably in an emergency.

For ATM Withdrawing Money

If an ATM or POS terminal prompts you to choose whether to perform a transaction with or without conversion, always select without conversion. If you convert or accept the rate the terminal, bank service provider, or merchant offers, they can apply their exchange rate rather than the interbank exchange rate.

Important Nuances When Using Revolut Abroad:

  • When paying abroad, always bear local currency (provided that you have topped up the required wallet in Revoluta in advance).
  • Try not to change currency on weekends. On Saturday and Sunday, the exchange rate is not friendly (they set a commission of 0.5-1%, depending on the currency).
  • When topping up your balance with a dollar card, you will be charged 3% (debit card) or 4% (credit card).
  • Top up your balance in the currency in which you have already created a wallet.

How to Order a Revolute Card

To order a physical card, go to the Cards section of the mobile application and select the card type. Standard is available to all users. Premium and metal are only available to holders of the appropriate tariff plans.

Then, enter your phone number, upload a scan of your passport and visa/card/residence permit for the specified country into the system, and indicate your address where you will receive the card. Cards are sent from London. Once received, it must be activated by following the instructions in the application.

To make your online purchases even safer with Revolut, you can create one or more virtual cards with a set limit in the Cards section of the app. This is a reliable solution for online shopping that provides additional protection against scammers.

Summing Up

Сan you use Revolut abroad? Our answer is yes. Revolut strives to keep terms and conditions transparent and the service affordable. The platform offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional banks, often charging hidden fees and providing less than favorable exchange rates.

Revolut is excellent as a general travel account due to its ability to hold multiple currencies. Its accounts also have various features that make budgeting, saving, and tracking expenses more manageable. In short, Revolut is a multifunctional mobile banking system you can use for free with no Revolut foreign transaction fee if you don’t exceed the limit. It even allows you to earn interest on your savings.

We wish you many, many beautiful trips with Revolut!


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