What’s the Best Country to Live In?

Planning to move abroad to start a new life and choosing the best countries to live in is a challenge that requires weighing carefully all the pros and cons. Determine the prime purpose of arrival: studying, working, family reunification, property purchasing, etc. The choice of good countries to live in may vary, depending on the aim of moving.

The second vital issue is the moving budget calculation: checking how the banking system works is easily online in advance. Once you are on a tight budget and rely on the help of relatives staying in your homeland while you struggle for achievement overseas, check up on the money transfer systems in advance. Let’s observe the list of the best countries to live in the future.

The American Dream

For the vast majority of worldwide migrants, America is the best country in the world to live. Chasing the American dream, people come here for job opportunities, studying, and enjoying life in a multinational country. What makes America the best country to work and live in?

  1. Education. The high school, college, and university standards and recognized worldwide qualifications open numerous life opportunities: each 13-15 studying establishments of 20 are top world.
  2. Healthcare. Fully maintained by the medical innovations and Nobel Prize awarded medical system guarantees the best treatment. It is not free of charge, but many employers offer healthcare social packages (including expensive dental care) that cover it.
  3. Career. The top specialists looking for the best country to work and live in will never miss the US: high-class specialists are in great demand. Generous employers often hire professionals worldwide and may support them with the visa application process and travel and accommodation expenses. Except for financial security, Americans can offer ethical jobs and options for boosting your skills and developing your career path.
  4. Accommodation: except for NYC and Los Angeles, which remain the top expensive cities, the prices of the rest of American territory are affordable, and the place of settling is easy to find.

In the traditions of the best countries to live in, America offers a modern and convenient transport system with many options to travel and enjoy beautiful nature within the municipal territories and beyond with coastlines and two oceans. The name American Dream fully justifies itself: it is the best country to work and live in.

Germany: the harbor of state support

Germany is one of the top countries to live in: it offers one of the safest protections, particularly for war refugees, working migrants, and students. However, German laws are strict and demanding regarding German language skills. Once you decide that Germany is the best country in the world to live in but do not speak German, be ready to learn it: the governmental programs can cover the price of studying in particular cases; the courses are also affordable for your expenses.

Being one of the best countries to live in, Germany is also very bureaucratic: a bank account can be available the same day immediately, but a banking card will be available within a week by post. Hence, take care of having some cash for this period. Also, if you have to move from one German city to another, you should open a new bank account even in the same bank and proceed with all the procedures from the beginning.

Depending on your state status in Germany, you can get financial support from the government for studying and accommodation expenses. It makes Germany one of the good countries to live in.

The Green Island Ireland

Choosing among the top countries to live in, pay attention to the island state of Ireland. This country attracts by:

  • Its nature with opportunities to surf in the ocean;
  • English-speaking community: Irish and English are the two state languages;
  • Easy connection with the UK and US, traveling to other top countries to live in has never been so easy;
  • Broadening working opportunities in Dublin — the modern business hub with departments of such giants as Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn and the lowest corporate taxes;
  • Reaching any city by car: the small territory allows quick movements through beautiful landscapes.

Whether you choose Ireland as the best country in the world to live in, you have to consider the price of life: it’s a bit higher than in other countries of the European Union and is approximately €2,745 for a single person.

There are three prime banking establishments in Ireland: Allied Irish Bank, TSB, and the Bank of Ireland, supported by a developed digital banking system and mobile payment services (e.g., Yippay) for the convenience of the customers and numerous juicy offers for businesses. Ireland newcomers can use Western Union, Money Gram, Wise, Revolut, and other payment services to send money urgently.

Perks of the United Kingdom

The UK is the best country to work and live in because it is a European financial center and open-minded country. The strong economy and low unemployment level broaden working opportunities, especially for tech professionals. Also, the UK can be the best country to live in because it offers world reputable colleges and universities to get a modern profession and be demanded in the world market.

The medical infrastructure in the UK is among the top countries to live in, offering fully equipped hospitals and obligatory health insurance. The geographical location is excellent for exploring the rest of Europe: 35 visa-free destinations for British citizens to Mexico, Panama, and Jamaica, to name a few. However, as one of the good countries to live in, Great Britain is one of the most expensive ones in the world: 2.580 GBP with accommodation for a single person.

Moving is always a tough time, and most Greenhorns will need financial support. There is no problem to receive or withdraw money: numerous money transfer systems are available, e.g., Wise, Western Union, WorldFirst, OFX, Currency Solution, and many more. Most banks and credit unions in the UK are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which compensates the costs in case of a bank failure, keeping your money secure.

Advantages of Canada

Are you wondering if Canada is the best country in the world to live in? Judge for yourself: it has been popular for migrants for good living standards and safety. Canada has its advantages and disadvantages to weight before moving:

  • High life quality: economic and political stability attract the migrants the most;
  • Excellent healthcare system: the public health insurance for permanent residents or Canadian citizens allows receiving multidirectional healthcare covered by taxes and free emergency medical services for the card non holders;
  • Large territory and beautiful landscapes: being the second largest country after Russia, Canada offers spacious municipal places and houses;
  • Happiness of the root citizens: the general level of the country’s well-being is high because most Canadians are satisfied with their level of life considering such factors as income, health, safety, and mentality acceptance regardless of the background.

Canada is the best country in the world to live in because it offers a pool of jobs for high-class professionals no matter the language, culture, or religious belonging. However, specialists with Canadian experience have higher chances to find a job. Newcomers and explorers of the best country to live in may have to agree to freelance jobs or volunteering until they find a suitable position for themselves.

Johnny-come-lately may need financial support from relatives. Thanks to the developed financial sector and one of the most accessible banking systems in the world, there are several options to proceed with payments online, withdraw or exchange money, and use digital banking services. The systems of instant transfers are available too: except for worldwide money transfer systems Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, and Wise, Canada offers Interac e-transfers, Electronic funds transfers, and other money transfer applications.

Wrapping Up

What is the best country to live in? Selecting the best country to work and live is not an easy decision. Based on your personal preferences, spoken languages, purposes, and budget, you can choose the best countries to live in in 2023 and, based on cons, leave the one on the list.

Even exceptionally complete information about the best countries to live in may not be enough. Life experience may show that there is a sense to try something else. Keep the list of the best countries to live in 2023 to look it through in the next year if you decide to move again. You’ll never know until you try.

Never stop your job search, develop working skills to remain valuable in the professional field, consider new job opportunities, and look through the best countries to live in the future. Creating a new life in a new country is always a challenge, but you are not the one: millions of migrants are looking for the best countries to live in worldwide and have walked in your shoes.

Best of luck!


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